Create your own Faerie Tale

Create your own Faerie Tale

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hoonah Packing Co., Alaska
2005-05 Packing pink, silver, king, sock-eye, & chum

I think my new addiction of choice should be photography. I love taking pictures and would like to take classes to learn more. Maybe photos can replace my best friend, food. It would be nice to be good enough to be recognized and even earn a little cash. Then I could travel and take more pictures. I find this life endlessly delightful, intriguing, and sad.
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I am doing well today. My stomach is very sore and there is some pain in the middle of my sternum, but I feel I am progressing nicely. I see my surgeon on Tuesday and hope I can progress from full liquids. Tuesday is also my 36th wedding anniversary! Goodness, time does go by quickly now. I am doing well on my weight loss, but I am obsessed with weighing everyday (which hasn't changed since before banding!) Oh well, I could have worse habits. Till later...
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