Create your own Faerie Tale

Create your own Faerie Tale

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lover of all things growing...

She loved her family with all her heart and the feeling was mutual. She was a giver and doer. Rarely did you find her sitting down. Friends loved her as she always made time for them and made each of them feel important. You could always count on a home-cooked meal wherever she happened to be. She extended hospitality to all and helped many in her community. Making beautiful quilts that won ribbons was one of her specialities. Produce from her large garden (fresh, frozen, cooked, or canned) was given freely. Her fried pies, gooseberry cobblers, and chicken & dumplings were to be coveted. Flowers were her passion. She was a florist extraordinare and is missed by all who loved her. She was my beloved mother-in-law. --1915 - 2000

"She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me!"
William Wordsworth
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