Create your own Faerie Tale

Create your own Faerie Tale

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A stroll on the beach...

This is what I want to be doing today...taking a stroll on a beach somewhere exotic. I am having so much trouble eating since I had my second fill that I feel truly frustrated and want to eat nothing! (I know that is a real switch from the past where I wanted to eat everything!) The trouble is when I take a few bites of food I feel like I have swallowed a horse pill that has lodged in the middle of my chest. This causes coughing which eventually brings up that offending "horse pill." I am going to go on liquids for a few days then try soft foods before eating regular foods again. If this does not work then I will have to call my surgeon and I might have to have some of the fill removed. This seems so wrong. Most people have to have at least four fills before they have restriction, and I get it with two fills! The beach, that is where I want to be. Away from all talk of food, diets, weight loss, fills, eating and dr. offices!
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