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Create your own Faerie Tale

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lap Band Update

I am doing well...
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My weight loss is slow but steady. I am so happy I had this surgery. I know I do not write about the lap band often, but I still have problems quieting the inner critic about this whole dilemma and find I do not always have the words to share to describe my feelings. No one likes to admit their faults, and for some reason I still blame myself for my inability to lose weight and keep it off. Okay, enough beating myself up and wallowing in a pity party. The good news: I have now lost a total of 55 lbs. and this is a lot better than having to worry about gaining during the holiday season and making a New Year resolution and breaking it the very next day! I have had three fills and do not think I need another for a while. I usually do not feel hungry and eat because of head hunger. I do PB if I eat too fast or do not chew well enough or do not stop when I feel the pressure start in my chest. This is not a pleasant experience and is really gross. I still mourn my old friend "food" and find going out to eat not all that pleasurable anymore. I have tried to replace my favorite past time with other things, some successful and others not so. I find I truly enjoy, water colors, knitting and, of course, reading. I keep very busy doing the things I enjoy which include keeping up with the lives of my grandchildren. I look forward with great anticipation to taking several trips with family. One is a long weekend to Myrtle Beach in February and the other a cruise in June. I found I even enjoyed shopping in Atlanta over the Thanksgiving Holiday! I had almost gone entirely to internet shopping due to problems walking. Now, due to the weight loss, I can take long walks again. I am greatly blessed. Till later...
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