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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lap Band Update

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Dates of Events for Lap Band
Total weight loss as of today: 55 lbs.

Team: Surgeon, Dr. Edwards; Psych, Katie; Coordinator, Mary; Dietitian, Susan; Exercise, Amy; Fills, Wendy (always with a scope)

Seminar - 5-12-08
1st Consult - 6-03-08
Psych Eval - 6-03-08
Test results - 6-10-08
Exercise rehab - 6-12-08
Dietary Cons - 6-20-08
Behavioral Hlth - 6-23-08
2nd surgery consult - 7-10-08 with pre-admission to hospital
7-14-08 -pre-op diet started
Surgery - 7-28-08 lap band and gall bladder removal
Surgical recheck -8-05-08
2nd nutrition class - 8-25-08
Recheck and 1st fill - 9-10-08
2nd exercise class and 2nd fill - 9-23-08
3 mth recheck and 3rd fill - 10-28-08
4th fill - 12-30-08
Scheduled for 6mth recheck on 1-29-09

As you can see, this is an expensive and timely process. I was/am self-pay and have a 100 mile round trip to the facility. I can only pray this will be a motivating factor in keeping me on the program and help my new lifestyle to become a healthy habit. The holiday season was very hard and the best I could do was to maintain. Although I am disappointed I did not lose, I am resolved to begin afresh and have a good number for my 6 month recheck at the end of this month. I am feeling a lot more restriction with my 4th fill and hope my "sweet spot" will soon be reached. I also am resolved to do more exercise, but I still am not ready to make friends with that "dreadmill." I am keeping it around as a threat to myself if I do not step it up this month ;) Till later...
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