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Create your own Faerie Tale

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Beginning - Day 2

Alleluia! This was the least painful surgery I have ever had. I had no complications and went home in record time. For all of you thinking of weight loss surgery, this is the way to go. Yeah! Here is my post the day of surgery, Monday, July 28, 2008:

Whoo Hoo, Yeah, Amen, That's Right Baby!
I am now officially on the loser's bench!. Surgery was fine. Nothing compared to the colon resection I had in 1999. I went in to surgery at 11 am was in my room by 12:30 pm and on my way home at 2 pm. I went immediately from recovery to a chair in my room and never returned to bed. After checking vital about 4 times, the nurse asked me to void my bladder. I walked to the bathroom and back without help, ate ice chips and drank water. The nurse was amazed at my recovery considering she kept saying, "You had two surgeries. Your gallbladder and your lap band." She left to speak to someone and returned smiling telling me I had bought my ticket out of there. I was ecstatic as nothing is better than your own familar things to rest and recuperate. The hardest part of the whole thing was waiting from 7 am to 11 am for the procedure (surgery was suppose to be at 9:30.) They gave me pills for acid reflux and nausea which set off my restless leg syndrome big time. I was in misery while in the holding room, with them scrambling trying to make me more comfortable. Unfortunately they could not give me the one thing that would have helped, my medication.I am doing fine tonight. I have sipped liquid all evening and am able to fend for myself. My DH keeps trying to help, but I can do it so much quickeras I know where everything is located. He is being so lovely and concerned. The only tiny problem I had was when I went to take my evening pills. My dr. told me I would not have any trouble swallowing them, so I took out the three and broke two of them in half. I swallowed the first half with water and, of course, it stuck. I panicked and my poor DH kept wringing his hands and asking what he should do! Finally I felt it go down and was then petrified to take the others. I broke them up even more and poured the Nexium capsule (right or wrong--I was not putting that thing in my mouth) in a little jello. They went down just fine. I have never been a paranoid pill freak before but I believe I have just developed a new case for a panic attack! lol Dreading the morning dose already. Do you think the dr. will let me quit them early (like tonight);-), Okay, that's my story. Probably need to rest in case the sh.....t hits the fan tomorrow and I cannot even get out of bed I hope all went well for any other bandsters out there.
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