Create your own Faerie Tale

Create your own Faerie Tale

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christ the King Sunday

It is the end of Ordinary Time in the Church and we are anticipating the start of Advent. Our gospel reading for this Sunday is Matthew 25:31-46. It is a celebration of Christ, our compassionate King. Christ's title for himself was the "Son of Man," a humble title. He refused to do violence and be a warlord King as expected of him by others. Instead he was a King of the least. Christ asked his followers not to follow him into battle, but instead into the world, seeking the marginalized. Even today, he welcomes into his kingdom those who are not only the least, but also those who have treated others with mercy and compassion. He is a God of action wanting us to put feet to his words. Christ is the King of clemency, reigning among the refuse, fragments, pieces, crumbs and broken parts in all of us. He is the "Christ of the Ordinary," the title to this piece of folk art I have attempted to watercolor on a scrap of leftover cardboard. I owe my inspiration to a piece I found on a site called "The Painted Prayerbook"; a beautiful site with wonderful works of art, images, and words. If only I could be in the smallest part as inspirational as this site, I feel God's will would in some small part be accomplished through this blog. Have a Blessed Sunday. Shalom.
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